The general terms and conditions of the GREEN-GOLD.HR online store have been compiled in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Personal Data Protection Act and the Electronic Commerce Act. The GREEN-GOLD.HR Internet store (hereinafter referred to as the “store”) is operated by GREEN-GOLD, Hemp Agro jdoo, Selci 7, 31222 Selci, telephone: +385 91 117 7778, email:, registration number Company: 5237777, personal identification number: 68131577287, which is an e-business service provider (hereinafter referred to as the seller or GREEN-GOLD.HR). The General Terms and Conditions relate to the operation of the GREEN-GOLD.HR online store, the rights and obligations of users and the store, and they regulate the business relationship between the seller and the buyer. The buyer is bound by the general conditions that apply at the time of purchase (submitting an online order). When placing an order, the customer is always reminded of the general terms and conditions and by submitting the order confirms his knowledge of them. The General Terms and Conditions are available for review at any time via the website


All intellectual property rights over the website, services and / or content, its design and source code and all content included in any of them (including without limitation text, images, animations, databases, graphics, logos, trademarks, icons, buttons, images, videos, sound recordings, etc.) belong to or are licensed to the Seller. Unless expressly approved by these terms, reproduction or distribution, as well as transformation of products derived from works of any kind, making available, removing, reusing or any other use of the website, services, content or any of its parts, it is strictly forbidden. Third party content and sponsored content are protected by intellectual property rights, as appropriate, and belong to their owners. Although the Services may locate and provide access to such content, their download and use are subject to conditions set by the relevant third party. The Company is not the owner and may not grant any license or authorization in connection with third party content or sponsored content. The user must obtain the authorizations required in any case for the use of any third party content or any sponsored content. If a third party content or sponsored third party content does not wish to be included in the company search results, the third party may contact the company as specified in these Terms. For specific content or sponsored third-party content that appears as a result of a search, you may use a copyright complaint that appears next to the result. If you believe that any content violates the rights of third parties or does not comply with these Terms, you may report them to the Company as set forth in these Terms. Additionally, you can use the copyright infringement reporting system.


By one-time registration in the online store via e-mail, the visitor becomes a GOST, and with a confirmed registration in the online store, he becomes a MEMBER. Both the guest and the member (hereinafter both the user) acquire the right to purchase in the online store GREEN-GOLD.HR. When registering in the online store as a member, the visitor receives a username that is equal to his email and password. The username and password of the member are unambiguously determined and linked to the entered data. Registration is also possible during the purchase process. In case the user wants to replace his email with another one later, he must send a request to The change of email will be made on the same or the next working day at the latest, and the user will be notified by email. Purchase of items is possible only through the online store (distance purchase) AVAILABILITY OF INFORMATION GREEN-GOLD.HR undertakes to provide the buyer, before being bound by the contract or offer, with the following information: data on the seller’s company, (name and registered office of the company, registration number, etc.), contact information that enables the user to communicate quickly and efficiently (contact email, phone), the essential characteristics of the item (including after-sales services and warranties) and the period of validity of that information, availability of items (each item offered on the website should be available within a reasonable period), terms of delivery of the item (and the method, place and time of delivery), prices which must be clearly and unambiguously determined and it must be evident whether they already include taxes and costs of transport and other charges and the period of validity of that information, the method of payment and delivery or fulfillment and the validity period of that information, time validity of the offer, the deadline within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and the conditions for withdrawal, an explanation of the grievance procedure, including any details of the contact person or customer service.


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