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Dear customers,

due to the current situation and enhanced preventive measures against coronavirus (COVID-19), please understand due to the possible longer processing time of the order and shipping.

In addition to general measures that include regular and thorough maintenance of personal hygiene and the obligation to report to the competent epidemiological service and doctor in case of symptoms or contact with people with symptoms of coronavirus, a number of measures have been adopted according to risk levels. Thus, for example, all business trips of our workers have been postponed until further notice, and meetings will be held as much as possible by phone or other communication tools, video links, etc. When processing orders, all items must be treated with disinfectants to reduce the possibility of the virus spreading as much as possible.

Hem Agro operates regularly and as a socially responsible institution has taken all necessary activities and preventive measures to ensure the smooth operation and continuity of all business activities and the availability of services to clients. The protection of people is our first priority, we take care of our employees and clients, we closely monitor the further development of the situation and the recommendations of the competent state bodies. This decision is valid until further notice.

Delivery price – Reliable package delivery GLS Croatia

Delivery price is charged.

Delivery: CROATIA

Size Weight Price
XS 0-2kg Free
With 2kg-3kg 25kn
M 3kg-5kg 30kn
L 5-10kg 30kn
XL 10-15kg 35kn
XXL 15-20kg 40kn
XXXL 20-30kg 45kn
XXXXL 30-40kg 55kn

During the execution of the order and before the confirmation of the order, the individual price of the product and the total price of the product will be stated. The delivery price will be clearly indicated and separated from the price of the product. Some products are free of charge, in which case the price without delivery is stated. In the case of payment in cash when picking up the shipment at your address, a fee for processing the shipment and the transaction in the amount of HRK 6.00 will be charged. You can pick up the shipment in person, and this can be done on your behalf by an authorized person, legal representative or guardian. If you are not at the address at the time of delivery, you will be notified how you can pick up the package.

Note: for all packages heavier than 2.0 kg, delivery is made at the nearest post office, of which you will be notified via the e-mail you entered during registration. For packages heavier than 2.0 kg, delivery to the recipient’s address is possible for the following places: * List of places where packages are delivered to the home address (PDF)

You will receive an invoice for your order together with the downloaded package.

Green-gold.hr reserves the right to divide the order into several shipments due to different delivery deadlines in the order. In that case, we deliver the ordered items individually in several shipments.

Delivery time

Green-gold.hr will submit the order to the delivery service within 48 hours and the item will be delivered to you within 2 to 5 days.

We will inform you by e-mail about possible longer delivery times. In case the longer delivery time does not suit you, you can let us know at info@green-gold.hr and we will remove the item from the order or replace it with another one.

Processing of damaged shipments (fees)

If you find that an item or shipment is physically damaged, lacks content, or shows signs of opening, you must initiate compensation proceedings. Damage must be reported immediately upon delivery. By signing the recipient or other person authorized to receive the package on the “Statement of Collection”, that person confirms that the package was received undamaged and without reducing its contents (subject to the exception listed below). An objection filed or submitted to the service provider after delivery shall not be accepted, unless the recipient or another person authorized to receive the package provides proof that the damage or reduction of the contents of the package did not occur after delivery of the package.

Resend unreceived shipments

If you do not pick up the shipment within the appropriate period or the delivery service is not able to determine the exact location of the user (incorrectly entered delivery address when ordering, etc.), and the shipment is returned to the sender (Green-gold.hr), Green-gold.hr will inform the customer via e-mail (or other available contact details) in order to determine the exact delivery address. Re-sending the package is charged additionally and you will be notified of the exact amount after the package is delivered to the delivery service.

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